Keep your bubbles in the bottle with Avina’s new stoppers

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Avina Wine Accessories has launched a stylish new sparkling wine bottle stopper to lock in bubbles and reduce waste and spillage.

The new, easy to use stopper prolongs the life of fizz and creates an airtight seal to keep the flavours fresh. Made from food grade plastic and silicone, in sleek silver and black colours, it’s also spill proof, so customers can even use it when lying open bottles down in the fridge. The stoppers are used by professionals in bars and restaurants.

David Turner, founder of Avina Wine Accessories, says: “Sparkling wine is a huge trend in the UK and with summer on its way, Brits will certainly be popping more bottles of Champagne, Prosecco, English sparkling wine, Cava and other varieties from around the world.

“If you are spending that little bit more on a decent bottle, it’s important to learn about the importance of good wine care too to ensure no wastage or spillage and if you want to drink the wine over a few days, our new airtight stoppers seal in aromas and flavours to make sure you can savour your celebration for longer.

“And as we’re sure you all know, putting a silver spoon in a bottle of sparkling wine doesn’t actually keep the fizz in the bottle! The old adage was that the metal from the spoon helps to cool the air inside the bottle, which makes the air more dense and prevents the bubbles form escaping but there is no evidence to prove this – but our new stoppers certainly do the trick!”

Avina Wine Accessories offer a range of stylish wine tools, designed to enhance the enjoyment of wine. It features corkscrews in various designs and colours and airtight wine stoppers with an easy push and lock mechanism to ensure no spillages – even when bottles are laid on their sides. With pink and blue wing style corkscrews, four waiter’s friend openers, stoppers and identifiers, retailers can stock up on a range of items to care for wine or to give as gifts.

The new sparkling wine bottle stoppers are priced at £12.99 each and with some British households throwing away two glasses of wine each week*, this pays for itself in no time.


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