‘Tigg It Up This Christmas’ with a zing on the festive menu

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Customers can ‘Tigg’ up their Christmas dinner with a splodge or two of Tigg’s Great Taste award winning all natural Subtle Pepper & Mustard dressing. Perfect for pepping up pork pies, sausages and cold meats, and adding some oomph to leftover Christmas turkey. Use it as a dip, sauce, dressing or marinade.

Young farming brothers, Jacob and Sam James, are the executive grandsons and custodians of the Tigg’s brand based in the rural idyll of Herefordshire. But the Tigg-olution didn’t start here. The brand is based on secret recipes belonging to their beloved granny Anne – a former Miss New Zealand.

As a young mother of three, Anne – or Tigg as she was affectionately known – rustled up a host of secret recipes. All were inspired by the ‘zingy’ flavours of her Kiwi roots – and the result was fresh and vibrantly coloured, all natural dressings.

These sacred recipes have since been handed down two generations – and today, they are Tigg’s.
Jacob says: “Why not make a date with Tigg’s Subtle Pepper & Mustard this Christmas. This Great Taste award winning dressing is the perfect match for cold meats or a cheeseboard and can also add some zing to leftover turkey sandwiches, or a wintry stew. Get splashing!”


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