New farm food store with salad bar opens in Plymstock

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A husband and wife team have opened an independent farm food shop in Plymstock.

Paul and Sue Edwards opened Edwards (SW) Ltd last week and are already seeing their locally-sourced produce fly off their shelves at The Broadway Shopping Centre. “It was very busy,” Paul said of the opening day.

“People seemed to shoot in and it was a blind day for us, not knowing how things would go, so we’re very pleased.”

Paul is a butcher by trade with five years’ experience, four of which he took with local trader Lidstones – also on The Broadway. Before that, he worked for 17 years with Morrisons, which is where he met wife Sue.

“I was manager and Sue moved down from Yorkshire and became my new packer,” Paul said.

“We’re best mates and we’re both grafters, it’s a pleasure working with her. We decided we wanted to do something for ourselves and Edwards was born.

“A lot of people know us both from Morrisons or Lidstones. In supermarkets it tends to be serve, serve, serve, but here I can really chat with customers.”

Paul and Sue source many of their produce from local suppliers. Frank Manns – a former shop owner on The Broadway – is one and Jacksons in Torquay supply gluten-free items.

The shop also has a salad and sandwich bar and outdoor seating.

“Everyone used to say they could never get a decent salad around here, so we set up the salad bar,” Paul said.

The new venture follows in the wake of a spate of independent shops closing on The Broadway, with Lidstones and Edwards now being the only two left remaining.

“Mark, the Broadway manager has looked after us and helped us 24/7,” Paul said: “”At the end of the day this isn’t London this is Plymstock and it’s not a highly paid area. It’s a nice area to come to, but there isn’t much here unless you want to buy a house, go to a charity shop or put a bet on. But we’ve created a shop where you can go and buy everything you need under one roof.”

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